Tuesday, November 2, 2010

is he so mysterious malaysian?

They reported that with his current lifestyle, he is spending millions on apartment rentals as well as splurging out on Champagne for well known celebrities.

They reported that he partied with Usher, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Jamie Foxx and Lindsay Lohan.
They reported that he flew Paris Hilton to France, South Africa and etc.

They reported that he’s dating Paris Hilton.
They’ve also reported that he’s a Malaysian.

 fuckin' shit! mysterious!

One of the most read article on The Star Online talks about this specific guy where he was interviewed by the local newspaper The Star.

Seriously if you ask me, i won’t believe 100% on the information from the interview. I’ll just believe half of it and fill up the other half with the various scandals, there must be some truth in all these articles, just that some of it have been exaggerated.

Let me just assume this that Taek Jho Low have had enough of all these stupid publicity in the past 1 year that leads to these “advertorial” interview articles being published? Is it possible?
After all, he’s rich what!

fuck off with all scandals that made him very very rich!